Bradley & Taylor

scootin' down the aisle 05.25.14

Our Story

Brad and Taylor met in high school in the great ol’ town of Aledo, Texas. They had mutual friends that hung around each other quite a bit, but never realized what the future had in store. The FIRST time they ever met, they were swimming with friends and Taylor jumped in the pool and kung-fu kicked Brad right in the back. Taylor thought she was flirting, while Brad thought Taylor was mean and his back hurt for weeks after. Taylor thinks this is a funny story and doesn’t remember doing this at all.

Years went by and Brad went to college at TCU and graduated in December of 2009. Taylor went to school in Lafayette, Louisiana at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette because of a soccer scholarship. On Thanksgiving break of 2009, Taylor had come back into town to be home with her family and decided to hang out with some old high school friends. She just so happened to run into Brad while she was out. A few words were exchanged later that night Brad got her number.

They texted back and forth and talked on the phone every day until that Christmas break. Then they were inseparable. They had to do the whole long distance relationship thing and visited each other as often as they could until Taylor graduated from nursing school in December of 2010. It was totally worth it, and truly the rest is just history...


Wedding Party

Bobby Thomas

Best Man

Kirby Zak

Maid of Honor

Kirk Laminack


Amanda Alexander


Scooter Shaffer


Alex Manson


John Heerwagen


Haley DeLaGarza


Kain Cartwright


Lindsay Williams


Corey Sears


Emily Mettman


Chad Samuelson


Chelsea Stephens


The Wedding

The wedding ceremony will be held at the venue 809 at Vickery at six o’clock in the evening on Sunday, May 25, 2014. There will be free valet parking available to our guests. The reception will be immediately following the ceremony with dinner, drinks, and dancing!

809 at Vickery

809 W. Vickery Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Omni Hotel

Due to this being Memorial Day weekend, we suggest booking flights and hotel rooms as early as possible. Both Dallas Love Field and DFW Airport are great airports to fly to and take about the same amount of time to get to Fort Worth (approximately 45-50 minutes).

For our out of town guests, there has been room block placed at The Omni Hotel of Fort Worth. The beautiful Omni Hotel sits in a great location in downtown Fort Worth surrounded by great dining and nightlife. Please visit the link below to book your room with a discounted rate, or call 1-800-OMNI (1-800-843-6664) and please refer to the Zak/Williams wedding.

Omni Hotel
1300 Houston Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Hotel Reservations

The Cut-Off date for accepting reservations into this room block is APRIL 24, 2014. Reservations received after 5:00 pm local time at the hotel on the Cut-Off date will be accepted on a space and rate availability basis.

Unfortunately, The Omni Hotel does not offer a shuttle or transportation to the wedding BUT the venue is only a short half-mile taxi or car drive away.

Don’t hesitate to email for any questions or concerns you may have.

We can’t wait to celebrate our special day with you all!


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